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The School Council have told us what they think about safety in school

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We asked 'What does being safe mean to you?'


The children said

' Being with someone who will care for me'

'When you come into school on a really windy day, and you feel lovely and warm'

'When I am snuggled up in bed, and I know that my parents are downstairs looking after me'


We asked 'When have you felt safe?'

'In our house with my Mum'

'When I was on the bus with my Dad'

'When I was on holiday in the water, I felt safe because my brother was with me'

'In school I feel safe, as the teachers look after me'

'I feel safe as there are people looking after me in school, there are people who make our lunch'

'If I fall over at school, I know my friends will look after me'

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'Have you felt worried today?'

'Walking to school, sometimes cars come up School Hill very fast'

'At home when I am playing sometimes people charge at me, and I am afraid I will fall over'

'When we play on the field people are running everywhere, and sometimes younger children may be worried they will be knocked over'

'I felt frightened when I was riding my bike near a road'

'I felt worried when it was very windy, I was afraid I would be blown into the road'

'What will help you feel safer?'

'Saying no cars should be allowed on school hll'

'Someone- a Mum - could stand in the road like a lollipop person to make sure children are safe'

'Change to speed limit on school hill, so cars go slower'

'Traffic lights might help'

We need to tell grownups to park up by the church, and not to drive near school'

'We need to tell grownups it is better to walk and not to drive to school'

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