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If you have a complaint about something at school, there are three levels at which complaints can be made and the levels must be approached in order, as stated in Kirklees Policy Document on complaints procedure:-

  1. Approach the Headteacher, to discuss your concerns:
    ut your complaint in writing to the Headteacher.
  2. If you are still not satisfied, contact the Chair of Governors so that your written complaint can be raised with the School's Governing Body Complaints Committee. This can be done by sending a letter addressed to the Chair of Governors via the school office. 

The Governors Complaints Committee may decide to:

  • Dismiss the complaint
  • Uphold the Headteacher's decision
  • Hold further discussions with the Headteacher and reconsider aspects of their decision
  • Ask the Local Authority (LA) to investigate the complaint

If the Governing Body Complaints Committee asks the LA to investigate the complaint, the Chair of Governors will request an LA investigation in writing, to the Childrens and Adults Directorate, Learning and Skills.

  1. You may approach the Local Authority. If the complaint has not gone through the channels above, the LA will refer the complaint back to school to deal with. 
You can obtain a full copy of Kirklees Policy Document on complaints procedure from the LA website or feel free to request one from the Office - thank you.
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