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Autumn 2019 - Session 1

Growbag Newsletter

Growbag session 2 June 2019


Making scarecrows to protect our crops!

In growbag session 2 we learnt about mulching crops to slow down the growth of weeds and to prevent evaporation of water from the plants.


Outside art

Class 1 used the outdoor environment to make some beautiful natural tree pictures.


Growbag session 1 May 2019

We began by introduing Mrs Wormersley to our very bare raised beds.

Each class has a bed.  We looked at vegetables families and how we need to grow vegeatbles of the same families together.  We planted courgettes, broad beans, potatoes, kale, sprouts and pumpkins, to name a few.  What a wonderful day we had! 

At last our raised beds were full of vegetables, ready to provide us with food for the kitchen!

Look at our vegetables now, at the end end of June!
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