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Mighty Zulu Nation Theatre Company

Pupils, Parents and Staff of Kirkburton CE (VA) First School were treated to a day of Zulu culture on Wednesday 23rd May – The Mighty Zulu Nation Theatre Company visited school and spent the day teaching children about their culture and traditions.

Children were wowed by a lively – and loud – performance by the group as an exciting way to start the day. We were shown a variety of songs and traditional dances incorporating some impressive athletic moves! Children were taught how to say ‘Sawubona’ (hello) and ‘Yebo’ (I’m great!).Children then took part in a number of different workshops – Key Stage Two learned an energetic dance, Year 2 used African djembe drums to create amazing music then Reception and Year One donned their wellies and boots to perform a traditional ‘Gumboot’ dance. Parents were treated to a showcase of the children’s work at the end of the school day. The day was supported by school funds and our fabulous PTA at no cost to the children.

The local community was then invited to an evening performance where we witnessed the Mighty Zulu Nation Company at their very best. Singing, dancing and laughter filled the school hall for nearly 90 minutes of energy, music and enjoyment – children, parents and staff even joined an impromptu performance! The sound of cheers lifted the roof! Everyone who bought a ticket to the evening showcase thoroughly enjoyed their evening – many asking when we would be rebooking the group!

HD8 Voices and Our School Choir

Click the link HERE to see the details of this outstanding event!


Year 4/5 Visit to Huddersfield Town Hall - Jan 18

Class 4 and 5 were given the opportunity to visit the Mayor of Kirklees at Huddersfield Town Hall in January. Navigate the 'Our Classes' link to find out more!


Carol Concert/Pupil of the Term

Some of our Year 2 children taking a closer look at the beautiful Nativity scene at All Hallows Church, Kirkburton before our Christmas Carol Concert and Pupil of the Term Assembly. 






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