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Our Governors' Terms of Office

Paul West - Headteacher - January 2020 (ex-officio)

Paula Gray - Foundation Diocesan Governor - September 2018 to September 2022

Jean Selbie - Foundation Diocesan Governor - September 2018  to September 2022

Susan Taylor - Foundation PCC - October 2017 to October 2021

Chris Watson - Local Authority Governor - September 2020 to September 2024

Gemma Berry - Foundation Governor - May 2020 to May 2024 

Colette Kitson - Foundation Governor - January 2019 to January 2023

Rachel Straughan - Parent Governor - November 2017 to November 2021

Andy Sansom - Parent Governor - September 2019 to September 2023


Our Governors' Declarations of Interest

Our Governors' 'Declarations of Interest' are reviewed each year. All Governors make sure that any change in their declared interests are promptly reported to our Governing Body.
The following 'Declarations of Interest' were made by our Governors in September 2020. One of our Governors has declared links with the governance of an other educational establishment.
None of our Governors have declared relationships with members of our school staff, including spouses, partners or relatives.
Jean Selbie
Retired Child Protection Nurse - declared no business interests.
Susan Taylor
Retired teacher/lecturer - declared no business interests.
Paula Gray
Training and Drama specialist - Paula is a co-director of the company supplying the after-school drama club.
Andy Sansom
Employee of the Department of Education - declared no business interests.
Gemma Berry
Project Manager, Kirklees Council. Gemma's husband, Chris Berry is a painter and decorator, who has in the past been employed to do work at school.
Colette Kitson
Retired teacher - declared no business interests. 
Rachel Straughan
Solicitor - declared no business interests.
Chris Watson
Employee of Kirklees council - declared no business interests.
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