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Hello and a very warm welcome to our wonderful        Class Reception!

There are 19 fantastic children in our class this year:

We are busy making friends at school, exploring and learning in the classroom and playground, and finding out what Piggy Belly and Cheeky Monkey have been doing recently!

  Our Early Years Team   

             Miss Bamfield               Mrs Goodwill              Mrs Morton


Miss Bamfield is our teacher and she loves teaching at our school.  Miss Bamfield's favourite things are rabbits and guinea pigs, and she loves hearing our stories and helping us act them out on the 'stage' in our classroom. 

Mrs Goodwill is our amazing teaching assistant: she is brilliant at dancing with us at the dough disco, helping us with our maths and writing and supporting us in our wonderful outdoor area. 

Mrs Morton is the super member of staff who looks after us on Thursday afternoons.  She loves singing, telling us stories and playing exciting games with us.                      

  Our Learning Journey   

Our aim in Reception is to build on children's previous learning experiences and continue to develop independence.  Over the course of the Reception year children will become more independent learners. There will be continued practical learning both indoor and outdoors.

You will find newsletters on the class tab to update you on the latest information and events. Please look at the Curriculum pages where you will find information about topics and learning we are covering each term. There will also be opportunities to see a class assembly, join us with our 'Stay and Play' sessions, find out what we've been doing in project weeks and attend workshops to find out how you can best support your child's learning at home.

We look forward to working with you! 


Home Learning Opportunities 

You can help your child at home by:                                                             

~ Chatting with me about anything and everything which will help me develop my listening and speaking skills;                                                                    

~ Sharing the rhymes, stories, counting songs and letter actions as I learn them at school;

~ Encourage my growing independence at home, in dressing myself, making decisions for myself where possible, and reflecting on what I like and don't like;                                             

~ Reading books and stories together and supporting me with learning my phonics sounds, practising my writing and developing my maths skills.  

~ Don't forget, I also need lots of opportunity to play and rest at the end of a busy day!

Please don't hesitate to come and see me or any member of the EYFS team if you have any questions or concerns - we are always happy to talk about how best to support your child. 

      With all best wishes, Miss Bamfield

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