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Welcome to Class 2's page!

There are 27 very entertaining children in Class 2

Our teacher is Mrs Quinn.

We are supported by Mrs Topping, Mrs Morton and Mrs de Livio.

We are working hard with the challenges that being the eldest in key stage 1 provides.

We have loved learning about Ernest Shackelton in our history lessons. 

We discovered all about his journey to Antarctica and the many trials and tribulations that the crew of Endurance overcame. 

We really enjoy drama and creating freeze frames. 

We pretended that we were the crew and the dogs of Endurance here.



We continued learning about life in Antarctica during our Science lessons.

We found out that the men took recipe books and Bibles to keep themselves entertained. 

We discussed how they would need to keep these books dry on the ice and set about trying to discover items that are waterproof.

We then used wax crayons to make waterproof covers for books.

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